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"I can't thank you enough for your services. Had it not been for you, there is no way I, or my relatives, would have found out about this inheritance, let alone been able to collect it. I can only imagine all the paperwork, legal issues and international problems you had to deal with. All we had to do was provide you with our family tree, sign a few papers, then sit back and let you do all the work! Your professionalism as well as your genuine kindness, understanding and support were greatly appreciated."
C.Z., West Yorkshire, England

"It has really been a pleasure working with you and I want to compliment you on the efficient and businesslike manner in which you work. I never dreamt I would see a penny for my stock in that bankrupt company."
E.K., Scottsdale, AZ

"We are extremely pleased with the prompt and personal service provided. We have no hesitation in suggesting the use of your services to anyone."
C.L., Bermuda

"Thank you for the professional job you did in settling the problem for Mr._______. It has been a pleasure dealing with you."
C.T., Bala-Cynwyd, PA

"Please count me among your satisfied clients."
P.J., Palo Alto, CA

"Thank you for your diligent follow up of these assets and the successful conclusion of the recovery of the money for Mr. _________."
D.F., Chicago, IL

"Please know how much we appreciate your following through with the case and with such favorable results. We are very happy with how you have handled things for us. Please use this letter for an excellent reference from us."
I. S., San Diego, CA

"I didn't know anything about any unclaimed assets but thanks to you for finding it out for me."
E.R., Bronx, NY

"Thank you! It was indeed a welcome surprise to receive your letter which enclosed the Czech claim award from the U.S. Government. Originally I was skeptical, but finally I received the papers to sign from your group which led to the settlement last month. Thank you for all the effort you have put into this. I would be happy to recommend your company."
R. U., Czechoslovakia

". . . express my appreciation for your efforts on my behalf to discover and collect unclaimed funds due me. Obviously I was unaware of this opportunity and when I received your first correspondence, I was somewhat leery. However, after our conversation I was more comfortable and you made the process both easy and enjoyable, especially the end result."
W.K., Boca Raton, FL

"I am a man who prides himself on the completeness and thoroughness of his record-keeping. Today I am $1,500 ahead on a $300 purchase I had quite honestly forgotten about."
R. P., Houston, TX

"You are right. I really didn't know that I was the proud owner of any stock. Thanks for being so persistent and for putting up with such a 'doubting Thomas.'"
J. P., Seattle, WA

"Thank you for accomplishing something I couldn't handle. Your work is worth the fee and your integrity is to be applauded."
L. G., Winterport, ME

"Your offer sounded too good to be true. My husband checked with the Better Business Bureau who had nothing but good reports. I shall add another one to your record here."
P. M., Bakersfield, CA

"Your company fulfilled every oral and written communication to the letter. We would be pleased to recommend your firm to any 'doubting' individual."
G. S., Los Angeles, CA

"What a pleasure and benefit it has been to my family to have the assistance of your firm. First you located assets belonging to my uncles in Argentina which we knew nothing about. At a very reasonable cost you pursued the recovery of these assets in a relatively short time. After that outstanding service you have now located yet another bank account in the name of my deceased uncle. I will unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone who could be benefited by your recovery of long-lost family assets."
J.M.A., White Plains, NY

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