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If We Have Contacted You

Our research has determined that you may be the owner of or entitled to assets you might not know about. These assets could be any of the following:

  • Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds
  • Dividends or Interest
  • Insurance Benefits or Policies
  • Savings or Checking Accounts
  • Uncashed Checks
  • Royalty Payments
  • Safe Deposit Box Contents
  • Tax Refunds, Distributions or Claims
  • Trust Funds
  • Estate Inheritances

In today's highly mobile, fast-moving, computerized society there are all too many ways that banks, corporations, insurance companies and others lose touch with their depositors, stockholders, policyholders or beneficiaries. These include:

  • Corporate mergers, acquisitions and name changes
  • Clerical and computer errors
  • Postal encoding and delivery errors
  • Changes of residence
  • Marriage, divorce or death
  • Fire, flood and other disasters
  • Forgetfulness, oversight and other failures to respond to communications
  • Just plain bad luck!

Most firms and other entities holding unclaimed assets make sincere attempts to contact owners, but they often have limited research capabilities to locate people across the nation and around the world. That's why many of them select Greenwich Research Inc. to make one last search effort before turning such assets over to the Government as abandoned property. Fortunately, we have found you, and that completes the first part of our job. The second part is seeing that you receive the assets to which you are entitled, often a complicated and time-consuming matter.

Greenwich Research Inc. has an outstanding reputation in the business world. We have earned the respect of corporations large and small for our ability to find people quickly and efficiently, and for the professional, sensitive and complaint-free way we have handled each asset recovery program.

Please think about our unique offer. We promise complete confidentiality and prompt action if you decide to use our services. Contact us for fast, frank answers to any questions you may have.

"I can't thank you enough for your services. Had it not been for you, there is no way I, or my relatives, would have found out about this inheritance, let alone been able to collect it."


You have nothing to lose because we work on a contingency basis. Our fee is conditional upon the successful recovery of the funds, benefits or securities, etc., for you. Simply put, if we don't recover the assets for you, it costs you absolutely nothing.


Why did you contact me? How did you get my name and address?