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Greenwich Research Inc. finds lost heirs. Our mission is to serve our clients, both holders of unclaimed assets and found rightful owners alike. We provide expert and timely heir search and recovery services, estate research and probate research. As professionals in the field of forensic genealogy our heir finder services have assisted in finding lost heirs and missing beneficiaries for corporations, banks, insurance companies, attorneys, estate representatives and other fiduciaries in the U.S. and abroad.


Home Page - We find missing heirs, do estate and probate research

Company History - Mission & history of our heir locator services.

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Services For: - A description of the estate and probate search services that we provide.
Attorney & Fiduciaries - Finding missing heirs, beneficiaries, recovering assets.
Corporations & Partnerships - Estate research to locate stockholders, bondholders and royalty owners
Financial Institutions - Finding missing depositors, payees, customers, policyholders and beneficiaries
Human Resources - Enabling distribution of unpaid benefits such as pensions and insurance

Additional Information:
Costs & Fees - Fiduciaries often pay nothing
Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to common questions regarding finding lost heirs

Legal Resources:
About Escheat - Complying with state unclaimed or abandoned property laws.
Unclaimed Property Statutes - Unclaimed & abandoned property statutes by U.S. state.
Descent & Distribution Statutes - Laws of intestate succession by state.

Beneficiaries - Recover unclaimed assets through probate research
If we have contacted You - You may have unclaimed assets
Protecting Your Assets - How to keep your assets from becoming unclaimed
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Testimonials - Satisfied clients of our probate research.
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