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The BBB hosts a comments page for member businesses. Clients may post reviews if they're so disposed. You may do so at this link which will open on a new page.

Testimonials below are from some of the letters we have received from clients.

"Thank you so very much! I'm still shocked this has happened. Thanks to you I can now pay off my student loan debt, my credit card debt, ... set money aside for my son.

You have given me more than just money. I finally know where my biological mother is, I have reconnected with my uncle, and.... I am forever grateful."

K. H., Montague, MI

"Am in receipt of our check on the estate of _________. The check was totally unexpected. When we first heard from you about the inheritance, we thought it was a con of some type. We had disregarded the letter until we heard from my sister _______. I'm glad I listened to her. Thanks for your perseverance in getting this taken care of."

L. M., New River, AZ

"This letter is to serve as my formal recommendation for David Mickelson [Founder and President of Greenwich Research Inc.]. I have been associated with Mr. Mickelson in a professional capacity for several years through a mutual client, and he consistently demonstrated strong work ethics with high quality results.

"In a major undertaking from our mutual client, he proved to be a resourceful, creative individual, with integrity beyond reproach. Mr. Mickelson was easily reachable, and expended a great deal of time during this project, which proved to be most lucrative for our client.

"For these reasons, I highly recommend, without reservations, Dave Mickelson."


"Your firm was able to locate more than 96 percent of these missing participants, some of whom hadn't been heard from in as long as 15 years. We were delighted, finally, to be able to pay all the life insurance and pension benefits due them."

S. F. P., Englewood Cliffs, NJ

"Your prompt efforts in locating a frequently moving heir in the ______estate were greatly appreciated. I had done all I could do to locate the two heirs using all of the family, friend and employment contacts I could come up with. Two other heir-tracing companies tried but failed to come up with anything. I had given up hope, but you located the two heirs even though they had made great efforts not to be found. You could have ended your service at that point and still have done an exemplary job. However, you did more. You acted as a negotiator to convince these two highly suspicious individuals that the inheritance was legitimate and you convinced them to cooperate.

"Thanks to you I was able to report to Probate Court that I had located the heirs, obtain a substantial Succession Tax refund from the State of _____ and settle the estate to everyone's satisfaction. You can be sure that you will be the first call I will make when I need to locate an individual in the future."


"We used GRI's services for two estates. When you file for probate, as part of the probate process, the judge requests a family tree. In these two estates everyone said the deceased was "the end of the line" -that there were no other relatives. GRI was hired to check back and find the closest living relatives. These cases are not too common, but they do happen.

"We were able to provide to GRI only the name of the deceased, the city and date of death. GRI did find the closest living relatives, in one case in Germany, the other in Chicago and Florida. In both cases the relatives were contacted and given the opportunity to contest the will, as the law requires.

"The search was done completely, professionally and conscientiously. GRI kept in touch, followed up and the reports were thorough. The probate judge was quite impressed by the reports submitted.

"We have used other services in the past, and the results, time frame and follow up provided by GRI were superior."


"Your efforts in locating missing stockholders has made our task far more successful. Your diligence and persistence has certainly paid off as evidenced by the many individuals whom you were able to find, represent and bring to our attention. Apparently, your many years in this business have given you the necessary tools to bring most of your efforts to successful conclusions.

"It has been a pleasure working with you on this assignment and I would not hesitate to make use of your organization again."

Paying Agent

"We are extremely pleased by the service provided by your firm, which has been not only prompt but personal. We have no hesitation in suggesting the use of your services to any one at any time."

Bank Officer

"Thank you for an excellent job . . . We had been frustrated by our inability to find retired former employees who participate in our pension and life insurance plans. Quite a few of these retirees didn't think to notify us when they moved, and all of the usual methods we used to locate them were not successful. Our trying repeatedly and unsuccessfully to contact them added up to considerable expense, both in terms of time spent looking for them and dealing with returned mail. It was also a great concern of ours that in their case, we were not able to discharge our legally required obligations.

"Greenwich Research is a valuable resource that I would recommend to others most highly. Your firm is prompt, efficient, and has been a great advantage to us."

Director, Employee Benefits and HRIS, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

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In most cases, holders and fiduciaries pay nothing for our services-our fees come from the located owners, heirs, beneficiaries and creditors entitled to the dormant accounts being recovered.


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