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Costs and Fees

In most cases, Greenwich Research's contingent fees are paid by the owners and heirs we locate.

Under this kind of arrangement, the fiduciaries and organizations referring assignments to us pay nothing for our services. Instead, our fees are paid by the owners, heirs and creditors we locate and who are entitled to the funds or assets in question. When they authorize us to represent them we disclose full details of their assets and begin the often lengthy process of establishing their ownership rights and recovering their assets for them.

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In most cases, holders and fiduciaries pay nothing for our services-our fees come from the located owners, heirs, beneficiaries and creditors entitled to the dormant accounts being recovered.


"Your firm was able to locate more than 96 percent of these missing heirs, some of whom hadn't been heard from in as long as 15 years. We were delighted, finally, to be able to pay all the life insurance and pension benefits due them."


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