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Finding Missing Heirs and Recovering Lost Assets

Services we offer financial institutions include:

  • Finding missing depositors, payees, customers, policyholders and beneficiaries
  • Furnishing proof of identity, succession and entitlement
  • Providing periodic status reports in ongoing searches
  • Bringing accounts completely up to date; arrange for replacement of missing passbooks, securities, policies
  • Potentially increasing income from newly located depositors/customers
  • Helping minimize wasted mailing and communications time and expenditures
  • Helping minimize scope, volume and cost of future escheat reporting

In most cases, holders and fiduciaries pay nothing for our services-our fees come from the located owners, heirs, beneficiaries and creditors entitled to the dormant accounts being recovered.


"Your firm was able to locate more than 96 percent of these missing heirs, some of whom hadn't been heard from in as long as 15 years. We were delighted, finally, to be able to pay all the life insurance and pension benefits due them."


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